HI-Connect strategy for the call center services is to become cost effective function as part of our client’s business process. 

We provide the best quality call center process outsourcing for our clients by focusing in two main quality motivators. The first one is continuously sustaining, rewarding and developing highly skilled teams. The second one is continuously following the domain best practice and latest technology.

As HI-Connect expertise in many sectors specially the health sector in Egypt, we understand the urgency and criticality of this sector and we also understand the customer sensitivity in dealing with the health services providers. From this perspective we build the suitable process, teams for each of our client.

HI-Connect offer a wide range of call center service including both inbound and outbound calls. We provide bilingual services in both Arabic and English.  HI-Connect provide higher leveraged services to its client’s by running a set of processes like:

     1.    Customer Service

·Provide Information

·Schedule appointments

·Verify patient insurance coverage

·Make reminder or post visit - surgery care

·Complain handling

·Results information (Lab ….)

·Pre- Authorization

     2.    Campaigns




·Registration for seminars and events


3.    Virtual Office

·Support desk