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Call Center Manager
Call Center Manager

Call Center Manager

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  • A Call Center Manager hires and oversees the daily operations of call centers and their employees. Their duties include hiring and training Call Center Representatives, establishing goals for call center employees to follow, and resolving any customer issues or other call center problems that occur.
  • Tasks and responsibilities:
  1. Hire, onboard, and train call center personnel.
  2. Coach call center staff through challenging customer service issues.
  3. Analyze call center data and prepare reports for upper management.
  4. Evaluate staff effectiveness and performance annually or on an at-need basis.
  5. Lead team meetings and give presentations to executives.
  6. Develop monthly, quarterly, and annual call center goals and action plans.
  7. Prepare work schedules to ensure sufficient coverage.
  8. Create personnel and supply budgets for approval.

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