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Project manager
Project manager

Project manager

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  1. A PM is responsible for leading a team of professionals in completing projects by a specified or unspecified deadline to support business initiatives. Their duties include dividing their budget for different aspects of the project, hiring independent professionals or selecting project team members, and developing or modifying project timelines to meet deadlines.
  2. Tasks and responsibilities:
  3. * Creating long- and short-term plans, including setting targets for milestones and adhering to deadlines.
  4. * Delegating tasks on the project to employees best positioned to complete them. 5. * Making effective decisions when presented with multiple options for how to
  5. progress with the project.
  6. * Serving as a point of contact for teams when multiple units are assigned to the same project to ensure team actions remain in synergy.
  7. * Communicating with executives or the board to keep the project aligned with their goals.
  8. * Performing quality control on the project throughout development to maintain the standards expected.
  9. * Adjusting schedules and targets on the project as needs or financing for the project change

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  • Date Posted 25 April 2024
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