Average handle time (AHT)

It means the average of times your agents are spending on calls, the shorter your call center AHT is, the more quickly your customers’ queries are resolved.

First response time (FRT)

Its refers to the amount of time between a customer calling to flag up an issue and an employee addressing that issue. the shorter FRT, generally the more satisfied our customers will be.


Average abandonment rate

This KPI refers to the number of abandoned calls a call center records in a given amount of time, such as a month

Average speed of answer (ASA)

This is a measure of how quickly your agents are able to provide solutions to customer issues


Customer satisfaction (CSAT)

This KPI is all about measuring how happy your customers are with the service they’ve been given.

Average time in queue

This measures the Customers’ average time in queue it is usually an easy metric to analyze. Shorter is always better, no exceptions; nobody likes longer wait times.


Average after-call work time (AWT)

After call work time (AWT) is the term for how long it takes agents to process calls notes between calls.

First call resolution (FCR)

This KPI measures how often a customer’s query is resolved the first time they reach out to your call center team, which is why it’s also referred to as ‘first contact resolution’.